Misión Dental de Nicaragua, enero de 2018

Nuestro regreso a Nicaragua fue un gran éxito

This was due in part to the generous donations we received and our team of 16 volunteers who made it all possible.  We provided almost 900 dental procedures in 6 days.  We also provided water filtration systems to all the areas we visited.

This year we had the opportunity to partner with Club Esperanza, a ministry serving children living in extreme poverty, in the city of Managua.  In two days we treated almost 200 children and performed 243 procedures.  We took a tour of the neighborhood which is along side the trash dump, to better understand the poor conditions these families live in.  Most earn income from the trash dump of Managua.  Recently this dump was bought out by a foreign company and walled off.  Only hiring a few of the many who depended on the trash for income.  Thus, adding to the difficulties to sustain a living.

We then returned to the rural areas of the west coast where we set up in a different town or village each day, treating another 428 patients.  The need so great, at times there were lines and lines of people waiting with more bus loads coming in.  The amazing team of volunteer worked hard, entertaining with music and fun crafts and drawling with the kids while they waited.

También tuvimos la oportunidad de trabajar en una feria de salud en nuestro último día, donde establecimos relaciones con líderes locales, para asegurar nuestro futuro con la misión a Nicaragua.

To sum up the experience, Dr. Todd Weaver, a dentist from Weaver, Reckner & Reinhart, put it best. “Immersion in another culture creates an environment to learn about other people, and it is a learning experience about yourself.  It changes your own life as much as it does those that you are treating.  Doing great dentistry in areas that do not have access to good dental care is a rewarding experience, and our team responded with the greatest of care.  Everyone who participated in the 2018 Nicaraguan dental mission gave a tremendous gift to the Nicaraguan people and received much in return.”

Ya hemos comenzado a planificar el regreso del próximo año y esperamos muchos años más.



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