¡Gracias a todos los que ayudaron a que nuestro viaje a 2018 en Nicaragua fuera un gran éxito!

Ahora que nuestro equipo ha regresadoDesde Nicaragua, nos gustaría tomarnos un momento para compartir con ustedes algunos de los aspectos más destacados del viaje de este año.

Because of many generous donations, our energetic team of 16 volunteers were able to provide much needed dental care, performing almost 900 dental procedures over 6 days.

New for us this year was the opportunity to partner with Club Esparanza, a ministry serving children living in extreme poverty in the city of Managua.  In two days we treated almost 200 children and performed 243 procedures.

We then returned to the rural areas of the west coast to treat adults and children in four action packed days.   We set up in a different town or village each day, treating another 428 patients.  Almost as important was the time spent building relationships with local leaders, sharing toys and crafts with the children, and just getting to know the delightful people if Nicaragua.


¡Tu corazón y tus manos fueron una parte clave para llevar sonrisas a cientos de adultos y niños nicaragüenses agradecidos!


En palabras de nuestro equipo ...
” The Nicaraguan people were very gracious and thankful for efforts to eliminate their oral disease and pain.  I was deeply touched by the relationships we formed and the way we interacted with them.  The amount of dentistry that we performed was exhausting, the advanced level of oral disease that we treated left an indelible impression, and the entire experience left us reflective about our own lives”.  



“Immersion in another culture creates an environment to learn about other people, and it is a learning experience about yourself.  It changes your own life as much as it does those that you are treating.  Doing great dentistry in areas that do not have access to good dental care is a rewarding experience, and our team responded with the greatest of care.  Everyone who participated in the 2018 Nicaraguan dental mission gave a tremendous gift to the Nicaraguan people and received much in return”. -Dr. Weaver


"Para mí, fue muy especial poder regresar a Nicaragua con la sensación de que volvíamos a ver amigos. La gente de este país es tan acogedora y amable que nos bendicen 100 veces cuando estamos allí. Es realmente emocionante ser parte de este equipo que brinda atención dental. ¡Nos dijeron que una mujer que tenía una extracción había estado sufriendo con un dolor de muelas durante 2 años!  -Tara


Done ahora

¡Estamos empezando a prepararnos para una nueva aventura!

Plans are well underway for an opportunity to provide dental treatment in the northern region of Costa Rica.  We are building a team of 12 volunteers and gathering supplies for the trip July 13-21, 2018.

Done ahora



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