Costa Rica Dental Mission, July 2018

On July 13th a Hearts, Hands & Smiles team of volunteers travelled to Costa Rica to treat children in the Guanacaste region.

We worked alongside Creciendo Juntos, a local organization with a vision to bring communities, companies, individuals and institutions together to transform their region.  The team at Creciendo Juntos has been incredibly helpful from start to finish and we are very much looking forward to partnering with them again in 2019.
Report from Rob Ayers, HH&S Director:
“The final numbers are in for our recent mission to Costa Rica. (435) patients were examined with nearly (450) dental procedures completed. We performed (230)+ cleanings, (135)+ restorations, and (60)+ extractions. In US dollars, this equates to around $120,000.00 in dentistry!! Our team was rolling and we worked together like a well oiled machine. The help and support we received from our partners Creciendo Juntos was incredible and invaluable to what we were there to do. Thanks to all for your efforts!!”
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